xxxxxxxxxxx Oregon ACDA Website Uses New On-line Reporting Form for Gold Awards xxxxxxxxxxx

by Jim Angaran

Oangaranregon ACDA is adding a new feature to our web site. An on-line form is now available to festival managers for reporting results for Gold Awards. This provides a reliable and easy method for Oregon festival managers to report scores for choirs qualifying for an ACDA Gold Award.

Over the last three years of awarding Gold Awards, festival managers have recognized on average of over 75  choirs without the use of this on-line tool. Although high school choirs have been the bulk of recipients, festival managers should note that choirs are not limited in size, gender or type. School choirs, mixed or non-mixed choirs, community choirs and church choirs all have the potential to be recognized as Gold Award recipients and earn an official ACDA certificate of excellence.

In order to qualify for an ACDA Gold Award, a choir needs to have earned at least two scores of 81 or higher at a festival or contest where ACDA certified adjudicators utilized ACDA evaluation forms and judging system. With our new on-line system of reporting scores to Gold Award staff at Oregon ACDA, the manager of any festival with the above criteria should verify on-line the scores of any choirs achieving the above standards.

This score verification can now take place on the following link by the festival manager listing scores by choirs, directors, schools and adjudicators. The format is very simple and quick and within a matter of five minutes the information can be input followed by clicking on a “submit” command to send it to the ACDA Gold Award staff.

The link for festival managers to use is HERE.

Festival managers should go on-line and complete the form as soon as their festival or contest is complete and scores have been attained.