Guidelines for Submission of Choral Focus Articles

cherryNew articles and information are posted on the first of every month. In order to be considered, submissions must be sent to the editor by the 15th of the month prior to publication. For example, to be published on April 1st, the article must be received by March 15th.

Articles must be submitted either as an electronic Word document via email or shared with the editor via Google Drive. Please do not send the article in the body of the email. Any changes to the article will be marked by the editor and sent back to the author for approval prior to publication.

Please include the following with every submission:

  • Title of Article
  • Author’s Name and Job Title
  • Author’s Head Shot (jpeg)

Please follow these basic formatting guidelines:

  • Use a common font such as Times New Roman, size 12.
  • One space after a period, not two.
  • Separate paragraphs, but indentation is not necessary.
  • Do not use caps for emphasis.
  • Avoid using excessive punctuation (i.e. Sing!!!)

The editor can be reached via email at

Julie Cherry, Editor